License Agreement - modules

We use GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 in all of our extensions, which is the authoritative.
Go to this link to read the full licence:

All The moduleListed in Genius WebDesign's store are open this means we are  not using any encryption method for source code like ioncube .This means end customer can customize the module as per his needs for his or her own needs.

Genius WebDesign PROPRIETARY USE LICENSE - All module listed in the store is the property of Genius WebDesign, Genius WebDesign reserve all the rights on those modules and codes. That means no one is authorised to re-sell the code or module or modified version of it .

Usage Terms  - You are allowed to use the extension for single domain only ( single domain means single instance of the module does not allow multiple sub domains or seperate instances of the module in the same domain, you are in some cases allowed to use on your test domain as well with your live production domain ), to use for multiple domain you need to buy the extended multi domain license if available for the product . technical support is not included in the purchase unless specifically announced.

Module Price does not offer free customisation of the module in any case. Before purchasing any of our product, you should read the details and check the DEMO very carefully  (many of our magento instance contains several demos so make sure you are looking at correct demo with the module features and documentation ). If you purchase and then ask for something, which we dont offer, then that is not our mistake, or you are not entitled for an official refund.

Modifications - You are allowed to do any kind of modification as the code is open but if the module brakes after your modification, support may not be available to you.

Installation - We dont provide Free installation of the module or plugins, if you have any problem with existing module feature and you face trouble after the installation . Then we would require site login details like FTP , Database etc.

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