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This Virtuemart order number plugin enables you to control the way the order numbers are stored in the system and shown to the customer.

Per default Virtuemart produces "ugly" order numbers, that consist of random numbers and letters.
Normally as a shop owner you want to have your order number organized in a more tidy and orderly fashion. This is why we have made this plugin that makes your order numbers perfect for your needs.

Simply install the plugin, make your settings and enable the plugin.

In the settings you can choose a predefined setting with YYYYMMDD and NNNNN for numbers with auto increment. You can also make your own custom deifinition, like this example:

YYYYNNNNN, which will produce an output like this:  201400014 

As an extra feature you can add your own prefix and postfix, so you can produce an output like this example: MyShop201400014-EU
The next ordernumber in line will then be: MyShop201400015-EU

In other words you have complete control over your order number with this genius plugin.


A plugin of this caliber is normally released as a "pay to download" product, but for the time being we have decided to make it 100% free. We do, however, appreciate it very much if you take a couple of minutes and support us by following us on Twitter. You are also welcome to send us a small donation via PayPal. The more you support us the more we will be able to produce exciting new extensions in the future!

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