Module Positions

Place your content on the module positions available on Simple Key, also, create your owns adding menu items with a Menu Type > Externa URLm, EXAMPLE: #section-yourmoduleposition. In this way you will have unlimited module positions.

BULK image resizer - resize, fit and center to square with white canvas background

This online image resizer tool will resize, fit and center your source images to square with white background.
It is perfect for converting alot of images with different aspect ratios to square dimension. This is typically needed for thumbnail images.
Note that this image resizer only converts JPEG images (with file extension .jpg)

Follow these steps:

1. Make sure all your images are JPEG format ( .jpg ).
2. Enter target square canvas size in pixels.
3. Click "Select jpg file" and select your JPEG file containing your image.
4. Click "Process image".

Select jpg file Change

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