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Website design and development solutions tailor made to meet your demands. We provide all kinds of web solutions, including corporate websites, personal websites and webshops. You are always welcome to send us an informal request for your website project

Website Design

Website design of existing or new website projects. We offer world class HTML & CSS sculptured web design that works according to your requirements.

Website Design

Web Development

Web development & and custom scripting. We offer scripting solutions in PHP, jQuery and MySQL. The possibilities are endless, no task is to big for us.

Web Development

Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS is the leading website platform in the world and we are always up to date with the latest Joomla templates and extensions on the market.

Joomla CMS

Pre- website production clarification

Website design is a work of art combined with technical programming implementation skills. In order to make a good webdesign it´s important to know exactly what you want to achieve. Therefore we focus strongly on pre-production specifications, so that we are 100% clear about the website´s project scope and requirements.

For each project we work on we plan out a budget and a project time frame, so that you as a client know exactly what to expect when it comes to the delivery and costs of your web design. 

Budgets and time frames can of course vary alot from project to project, being that each web design is to a certain degree unique when it comes to your requirements and development requirements. This is why we treat all projects as individual web design entities with a fresh approach each time out. 

Lean back & let us do our magic!

Once the pre-production phase is done, we can get to work, and from that point onwards you can simply lean back and wait for the website to be completed. We always work according to the web design project´s time frame, and in most webdesigns we split the work process up into multiple "milestones".

The "milestone" concept is often used when we work on larger web design projects, that require advanced PHP, MySQL and jQuery development. In most cases we make an arrangement where you as a client can pay a part of the project costs for each milestone. That way you don´t have to pay the full amount at once and we as developers do not take an unnesseray risk without being paid throughout a prolonged project time frame.

While the website design is being worked on you are always welcome to contact us via mail or Skype to hear about progress & if you have questions regarding the web design. In all web design projects you will have a dedicated contact person who is responsible for keeping you briefed about the web site development, so you will never be left un-informed about anything regarding our web design work. 

When our work is done and the web design is finally ready, you will have direct access to our test servers where you can try out the webdesign and test it thoroughly with all the features and development options that are made. This way we can modify and tweak the web design perfectly before it´s transferred to you own web server.

The Joomla CMS system, which most of our web designs are based on, is very easy to use, even for non-IT minded people, making it a very easy and intuitive process to edit and add new content to the website. The admin-area is very simple and straight forward, and if you need to create a new article or insert a new image to an existing article you can do so within only one or two minutes. The system also features a fully functional user registration system, so you can have all your clients and users registered on your website. There are many more features as possiblities within the Joomla CMS system, and this is of course something we will gladly tell you more about if you are interested in our website designs.


What are the technical requirements? 

Our website designs are mostly based on the Joomla platform. This system works on any web server with PHP operating system paired with a MySQL database.
As a security standard we recommend that you use PHP version 5.4 at your service provider but in most cases PHP 5.3 will suffice. Our own debelopment servers run on PHP 5.4 and MySQL version 5.6, thus making all of our web designs compatible with the latest and most secure operating systems.

Any time there is released a new stable version of PHP our test environments are upgraded, that way we always keep up to date with current OS standards. All in all we always provide a garuanteed safe and secure web design solution for our clients.

If you know very little about server-hosting and configuration we offer assistance in this regard, so you don´t have to spend time on technical issues. The main goal is to get your web design up and running quickly and without any complications. 


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